Preparing For Disaster Checklist

With the recent wildfires in California, hurricanes in the Caribbean, Southern U.S., and Puerto Rico are important reminders for all of us to be prepared for any emergency or natural disasters.

hurricane disaster preparedness palnning

These disasters brought devastation to millions of lives and questions around the country about what we can do to help and how can we prepare ourselves to survive similar natural disasters.

The best and safest thing we can do when facing an approaching natural disaster is to heed our area’s evacuation notices and take advantage of any evacuation assistance offered by your local and state governments.

California wildfire disasterHowever, it is possible to be caught in an unexpected emergency or to be stranded in a disaster-stricken area. When this happens, the questions we must ask ourselves are:

  • What should we do to stay safe?
  • How can we be better prepared?
  • What kinds of choices will we need to make to survive?


So where do we start?

 We start, by being Informed!

Know what natural disasters could affect your area.

For example, we live in the Texas Hill Country and experience tornados, floods, severe storms, hail and a few more on some annual bases. With this information, we created our basic disaster & emergency plan.

Know how to get emergency alerts.

emergency NOAA radioFor this, you’ll need a good portable NOAA radio (Weather Alert Station) capabilities. The radio doesn’t have to be really expensive and can be used for other things as well. We have a Kaito KA500, which has served us well for years. We even take it camping.

And last, know where you would go to survive the disaster if you and your family need to evacuate.

Another example, we live on a hilltop surrounded by a beautiful creek with a low water crossing.

flood disasterBut, when we encounter a very heavy rain storm, we could be stranded for a few days because of our creek floods.

When this happens, we stay home of course. However, if it catches us outside our area, we carry small survival emergency kits in our vehicles and have made prior arrangements with family members to stay with until the flood water subsides.

As you can see, planning ahead for an emergency will eliminate some of the stress that is associated with it.

Next…We’ll Create our Emergency Survival Plan

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